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Obesity may be linked to loss of bone and muscle mass.

Study links obesity to loss of bone and muscle mass

As people age, the risk of fragility fractures becomes a major health concern... [ more ]

» Aerobic activity may protect women's brains from memory problems

» Sleep apnea elevates risk of osteoporosis, fragility fractures

» Boys who accumulate lots of screen time risk future fragility fractures

» CT scans may help diagnose gout


Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Balance training is essential for osteoporosis patients.

Scientists discuss exercise and orthopaedic fracture of the spine in osteoporosis patients

Researchers issued several recommendations that are relevant to osteoporosis patients, especially those who have experienced or are at risk of spinal fractures... [ more ]

» Orthopaedic fracture of the ankles could indicate low bone strength

» Study describes factors that affect recovery from orthopaedic surgery on the ankle

» Orthopaedic fractures may heal more slowly in smokers

» Study: Tommy John surgery is associated with high rate of pitchers' return

Total Joint Replacements

Weight loss may boost physical function for joint replacement patients.

Changes in weight impact effectiveness of total joint replacements

Scientists conducted a study to find out how many joint replacement patients actually lose weight after surgery, and whether changes in weight had any effects on their physical function... [ more ]

» Cholesterol lowering drugs may help prevent clots after total joint replacement surgery

» Researchers conclude hip replacement surgery is safe for patients in their 90s

» Researchers estimate best time for shoulder replacement patients to resume driving

» Total joint replacements may reduce cardiovascular risks


Injury Prevention

Dirt bikes are a common factor in concussions for children in rural settings.

Causes of concussion differ between rural and urban settings

The key to preventing concussions may lie in knowing what the most common causes of these incidents are... [ more ]

» Special training can help prevent ACL injuries

» Women who live longer need to prevent orthopaedic fracture

» Are winter sports-related injuries on the rise?

» Defense Department releases concussion guide

Andrews Institute Foundation

Star quarterback ends college career with knee injury

NFL's Adrian Peterson makes speedy recovery into most productive year yet

Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings, sustained a gruesome tackle on Christmas Eve 2011 that left him with injuries to both his medical cruciate ligament and anterior cruciate ligament... [ more ]

» New physician joins staff at the Andrews Institute

» Browns' rookie gets back in the game after knee surgery

» Free assessments benefit student athletes

» The Eagle Fund of the Andrews Institute Foundation supports America's wounded soldiers


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orthopaedic, foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Dan Murawski, Andrews Institute, Foot & Ankle Center

Foot and Ankle Specialty Continues to Evolve: Q&A with Daniel E. Murawski, M.D.

Dr. Murawski, Andrews Institute Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Center, answers questions regarding foot and ankle pain, injuries and conditions such as arthritis, ankle sprains, and the future of medicine... [ more ]

» Simple Ways to Prevent Knee Injuries in the New Year

» Dry Needling Can Help Treat A Variety Of Orthopaedic Problems

» Technology Leads to Promising Outcomes for Neurosurgery

» Get Your Total Joint Replacement Done Right, Avoid Revision


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