Competitiveness increases likelihood of sports-related injuries


September 17, 2012

Topic: injury prevention

Competitiveness increases likelihood of sports-related injuries

Health officials in Baltimore observed an increase in the number of injuries like broken bones, torn ACLs and concussions, as the social sport leagues for young adults in the city grew, as reported by the Baltimore Sun. These mishaps may be the result of co-ed teams, alcohol consumption and a lack of emphasis in stretching before participating in physical activities. Such issues indicate a great need for more education about injury prevention in this age group.

A sports facility in the city reported a great deal of trauma that was caused from male and female players in their 20s and 30s crashing into each other.

"The more participants you have, the greater the possibility for problems," said John Bielawski, the regional director of a nonprofit healthcare organization that specializes in sports medicine. "Add that factor to alcohol [consumption] and the raging hormones with the males who think it's Division 1 football when it's really flag football."

Young adults have high participation rates in sports, recreation and exercise, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These individuals should be responsible, wear protective equipment and employ the proper performance techniques. 

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