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Updated: April 4, 2014

Weight loss may boost physical function for joint replacement patients.

Changes in weight impact effectiveness of total joint replacements

Scientists conducted a study to find out how many joint replacement patients actually lose weight after surgery, and whether changes in weight had any effects on their physical function.

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Statins may help prevent dangerous blood clots in joint replacement patients.

Cholesterol lowering drugs may help prevent clots after total joint replacement surgery


Scientists suggested that statins, which are medications to lower cholesterol, may help prevent blood clots in the veins of the thighs or calves following total joint replacement surgery... [ more ]

Shoulder replacement patients should wait six to 12 weeks before driving again.

Researchers estimate best time for shoulder replacement patients to resume driving


Scientists determined that the optimal waiting time for shoulder replacement patients to resume driving is 12 weeks... [ more ]


Total hip replacement is likely safe for patients in their 90s.

Researchers conclude hip replacement surgery is safe for patients in their 90s


New research suggests that patients who undergo total hip replacement while in their 90s do not experience a higher rate of surgical complications when compared to younger individuals... [ more ]

Total joint replacements may be linked to better heart health.

Total joint replacements may reduce cardiovascular risks


Researchers are continuing to find added benefits to total joint replacements... [ more ]


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