Hip discomfort could be arthritis symptom


September 28, 2012

Topic: total joint replacements

Dealing with aging joints is a painful process at times, but it does not need to be.

Dealing with aging joints is a painful process at times, but it does not need to be. Medications, procedures and other treatments are being improved all the time to ease suffering and increase quality of life. Whether it's holistic treatments or hip replacement surgery, there are ways to take discomfort out of life.

There are some implants that can last upward of 30 years, according to Fox News Houston. This technology is still under development, the source noted, but hip replacement devices are being crafted now in some cases to fit individual patients rather than having to suit every case. Such customization means a unique fit for every recipient and improved quality of performance in the long run.

Other methods of pain management and treatment are usually explored before the surgical step is reached, the Washington Times reported, because inserting a foreign body into a patient can be at odds with certain immune systems. There is also a concern about healing times, as older hip replacement seekers may not be good surgical candidates due to other underlying health concerns.

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