Digital Equipment


Digital equipment finds a natural home at the Andrews Institute.  The equipment allows us to do our job more efficiently while providing the patient with the best diagnosis and outcomes available.  Much of this equipment can be found in The Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC).  

Our Ambulatory Surgery Center is specialized facility and was designed from the ground up to be optimal for outpatient procedures. The eight operating rooms have complete digital equipment including the latest state-of-the-art technology utilizing high definition camera and video systems.  This equipment allows our surgeons and physicians the ability to view the most finite detail as it relates the procedure being conducted.

Operating Room Features include:

Chromophare® Surgical Lighting Systems - bright, cool and shadow free illumination at the surgical site.

Operon® Surgical Tables - a breakthrough in access, positioning and control. Surgical table features include wide, carbon fiber tabletops, large weight capacities, procedural access, self-compensating floorlocks, manual backup systems, and many more technological features.

Custom Surgical Environments - flexible equipment management systems, integrated device control, remote digital information exchange, scalable in-room routing



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