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Today, Americans are enjoying longer, more active lives than during any time in history. As we grow older and our bodies begin to change, many individuals experience painful problems with their joints. Whether caused by arthritis, injury, disease or daily wear and tear, joint pain and stiffness can become so severe that performing even the simplest daily activities can be difficult.

If you are considering the benefits of hip, knee or shoulder surgery, contact us. After thoroughly evaluating your condition, specialists prepare your custom care plan to help you feel ready for your procedure both mentally and physically. Your doctor will support you throughout your experience by continuously monitoring your progress before and after your surgery. Depending on your individual needs, our highly-trained surgeons will explain how you can benefit through traditional procedures or the latest minimally invasive techniques – which can result in faster recovery, less bleeding, decreased post-operative pain and reduced scarring.

Many patients who undergo joint replacement experience pain-free basic movement of joints and return to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

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